Creating a New Mailbox

1. Browse to and login using your 1st Domains Account ID and Password.


2. On the 'Account Manager' page under 'Domain Names & Hosting Services' click "Manage Domains & Services".

3. On the 'Manage Domains & Services' page click on the domain name that you wish to add a mailbox for.

4. On the Domain Name Manager page under 'Services' click "Manage Email".


5. Within the 'Mail Management Control Panel' click "Add Mail User".

6. On the 'Add Mail User' make sure "Mailbox [Remaining:x]" is selected from the drop box situated to the right of 'Mail User Type'. 

7. In the white box to the right of 'Primary Address' enter you new email address user.

8. Specify a strong password in the next two box's (one to specify and one to confirm). The password requirements are listed below:

Your password needs to meet the following requirements to help prevent your email account from being compromised:
- It must be at least 8 characters including at least one number and one uppercase letter.
- It cannot contain a repeating pattern (for example 111);
- It cannot not contain any recognisable part of your email address;

9. Finally, on the bottom left of the page, click "Add".

You can use the link below to find further instructions for setting up your new email account on email client:

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