Email Server Settings

Settings for Configuring Email Accounts

When configuring your email application for email accounts you have created in the Messaging Administrator or in Plesk Control Panel, the following settings should be used:

POP3 / IMAP / SMTP Server Settings

Server settingValuePortTLS/SSL Port
 Incoming POP3 110 995
 Incoming IMAP 143 993
 Outgoing SMTP 587 465
 Alternate SMTP 25 465
 Login / Account Name <youraddress>@<yourdomain>  
 Webmail Login http://webmail.<yourdomain> or  

Important Information About Sending Email Through Net24

  1. Because you will be connecting from an untrusted IP network it is necessary to enable SMTP Authentication in your email application. Alternatively, you can also send mail using your ISP SMTP server which will not require authentication.
  2. If you encounter problems connecting to our SMTP server your connection to our server may be blocked by your ISP. Many ISPs are blocking port 25 which is used to send email in an attempt to reduce the spread of viruses and the distribution of spam. In this situation please configure your email application to use the port 587 for outgoing SMTP connections.

Accessing WebMail Services

You can access your email using any standard web browser by visiting http://webmail.<> or

TLS/SSL Connections

Net24 supports TLS/SSL security, which provides secure transport of user credentials and messages over the Internet. If you wish to use TLS/SSL we recommend you use the official name of systems to avoid certificate errors.

  • The official hostname for POP/IMAP/SMTP is: MP.MAIL.ISX.NET.NZ.

    If you do use TLS/SSL you will need to choose the correct port for your email client. You can see the correct port number in the table above.

Sending Email From Your Website

If you wish to use our SMTP server to send emails from your site, use the SMTP server listed below. However, we do recommend and especially with our Linux hosting is to use the mail() function that is provided by PHP. Most Content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla don't require the use of the SMTP server although they do give you that option.

SMTP Server..............:

DNS Settings

If a 3rd party is managing the DNS services for your domain name, please ensure the following zone records are created:
  • IN MX 10

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