Rented Equipment - Additional Terms & Conditions

Our rented equipment is provided to you on the expectation that it will be returned to us in good condition should you choose to terminate your services with us.  Should you not return any rental equipment we have supplied to us in good condition within 30 days of the termination of your services with us, you will be liable to pay the full purchase price of the equipment to us as a penalty.  This purchase price will generally be advised to you when you sign up with us, but we are happy to clarify the purchase price of the specific equipment you are renting at any time.  The replacement cost of some equipment might occasionally change (due to changes in supplier costs and availability.)

We may charge you one-off courier charges to deliver and return this equipment.  We may charge you additional configuration or support charges as described in your service agreement with us.  

We will replace any equipment rented to you that is faulty free of charge, except for corresponding courier charges.  We will provide you with basic support for equipment rented from us, but unless explicitly agreed in your service agreement with us, this does not constitute a "Router Management Service" or similar.  

"Good condition" is defined as being in a condition that would allow another customer to re-use the equipment for the same purpose you rented it from us.  This excludes normal cosmetic wear and tear (scuffs, scratches, etc.)  The original packaging we supplied to you is also not required to be returned, but for ease of transport we prefer if you retain this for the period you rent the equipment and return the equipment to us in it.  Cables, adapters, power cords, and other peripheral components supplied with the equipment are to be returned when the rented equipment is, or we may charge replacement costs for these.

Should you receive rented equipment from us as part of a contract with a minimum contract term, the rental component of your contract remains in effect at the same price even after the minimum contract term ends.  You may continue to rent this equipment from us until you choose to terminate the corresponding services with us, either by transferring your services to another provider or asking that we disconnect them, at which time you must return the equipment to us.  If you terminate your services with us within the period of a minimum contract term, you must return the equipment, or you will be charged a penalty equal to the purchase price of the equipment in addition to any Early Termination Charges that relate to the services you have purchased from us.  In either case, you must return rented equipment to us within 30 days of termination of your corresponding services with us, or make other arrangements with us within this period.  Failure to do so will result in you being charged the penalty described above.

In some cases we may ask that you return equipment to us for replacement.  We will endeavour to replace this equipment with an equivalent device if possible.  

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