This is a 2-way Fax Feature on our Voyager Voice Platform (VVP), that only requires a Fax Number and an Email address. The Fax Number is billed at $10 + GST per month.

Voyager Voice Fax will enable the customer to:

Email to Fax - Sending a Fax (Outbound):

Before you send:

  • The Sender's email(s) must be authorized to send outbound messages before sending a fax. If you require addresses to be added to this list, please contact Support.
  • You will receive a receipt upon successful sending of an outbound fax. If you receive no receipt, please check your junk/spam folders. If the message is not received on the recipient side, please ask them to check with their mail or fax provider.
Step Instruction Reference

To send a fax (outbound), please use the following format in your preferred e-mail client:

Outbound Fax Number @ your VVP SIP Realm.

For example:

If you need to send a fax to 01 234 5678

Then use this format:


Attach the PDF document to your email message.

  • Please note, we only support .PDF and .TIFF attachments and these must be attached before being sent.
  • The receipt e-mail will contain a low-quality version of the attachment - this is intentional so as to reduce the receipt message size.

The recipient will receive a message from sender:

  • PDFs will be attached to this message.


Fax to Email -  Receiving a Fax (Inbound):

Provide the fax number to the party  who wishes to send you a fax. Incoming faxes will be delivered to your approved e-mail address(es).

If you wish to modify this, please contact our Support team.

  • Please note, the above only applies to Fax to email services and does not apply if you are using a Hardware-based Fax ATA.

If you are still experiencing any difficulty, please talk to us on 0800 477 333 (8AM to 10PM, 7 days a week) or you can email our support team at