Follow these steps to set up Voyager's VoIP service on a Netcomm NF10wv.


Step 1


Login to the router:

  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: admin 


Step 2

Select Voice SIP Basic Settings


Step 3

Set Bound interface to profile that router is using to connect to the internet.

Example: PPP2.1

Note: If you have multiple profiles, locate the profile name that the internet is using and set the interface to that.


Step 4

Set 'Use SIP proxy' & 'Use SIP Registrar'. to 'SIP Realm'.


Step 5

Set Authentication name, 'Cid Name', and 'Cid number' to 'SIP Username'.

(note: SIP username needs to be numeric, rather than the user_xxxxx username)

Set 'Password' to 'SIP Password'.


Step 6

Click 'Apply'.