Instructions for setting up WiFi on a Huawei HG659 router

Setting up WiFi on your Huawei HG659 router

Getting started

Once you have powered on your router for a few minutes, the WiFi signal should enable automatically. This will be indicated by the 'WLAN' light on the front of the router being solid Green or blinking fast.

Basic setup


WiFi information can be located on the back of the Huawei HG659 router ❶

Because the router supports dual band WiFi, there are 2 SSIDs displayed here. The top one is for the 2.4Ghz Signal, and the second one is the 5Ghz signal. 

2.To connect your devices (Computer, Mobile, Tablet, etc) to the Huawei HG659 WiFi, search for the SSIDs ❷ labelled on the back of the router.

Once you locate the name and attempt to connect your device, you should be prompted for a password or key.

3. Enter and submit the 'WLAN Key' ❸ labelled on the back of the router

4.Your device should then connect to the router's WiFi, if you have any issues please review if the WLAN Key is correct and try again
If you device supports Dual Band connectivity we recommend connecting to both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz signals


Manually configure your router's WiFi settings (Name/SSID, Password/Key)

1.Accessing WiFi Settings

i) Logon to the Huawei HG659 Web Interface using your web browser



Enter the administration username and password for your router to login

  • Enter Username: (default is !!Huawei) ❶

  • Enter Password: (default is @HuaweiHgw) ❷


From the top menu, click 'Home Network' ❸ → then 'WLAN Settings' ❹ 

The WiFi connection can be configured from this menu.


Enable or Disable WiFi


  • Enable WLAN 2.4 GHz: Ticked if enabled (Un-tick to disable)
  • Enable WLAN 5 GHz: Ticked if enabled (Un-tick to disable)

You can also enable or disable the WiFi connection from the WLAN button on the router

Holding the button for up to 5 seconds will either Disable or Enable WiFi, based on its current state.

6.Change the name (SSID) of your WiFi Connection
  • Click on the arrow next to 'WLAN Encryption' to expand the menu
  • Specifying an appropriate wireless network name for the two fields labeled 'SSID' ❺ (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Frequency Band) and then click 'Save'
  • You can use the same name for both WiFi frequencies (Optional)

Change the password (Key) of your WiFi Connection
  • Click on the arrow next to 'WLAN Encryption' to expand the menu
  • Enter your desired password in the 'WPA pre-shared key'  field and click 'Save'

Get in touch

If you are experiencing any difficulty with any of these instructions, give us a call on 0800 477 333 (8AM to 10PM, 7 days a week).